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Have you Locked? Don't Worry You Can Still Work From Home! Do Your Businesses in covid19 Lockdown.

Friends, Current crisis is making us adopt new concepts like Work from home, which is easy to operate with the use of Online Softwares. Be it mobile or software you can still operate your business from distance. These crisis situations around the globe have adverse effects on economies but at the same time, this long-standing lockdown is an opportunity to use alternate technologies to access- manage operations and save the cost in the physical premise.

Technology is a very vast world, it has various kinds of applications from team management, task management, followups, sales management, customer management, database management, operation management, finance & budgeting, planning, reports & analysis, order management, etc.

While doing work from home in your office, one needs to understand that, it becomes necessary to allot work online, check and balance, track employees with proper online work management tools also as a management one needs to track output and efficiency against the allocated task and time.

Apart from that, in this crisis time, one can work effectively on Website Optimisation, which is more helpful to make your website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly. If you observe carefully, this is a very good time to work on the detailed content of your website or web-portal. Further one also can write blogs or informative posts about business or services on the website or Social Media platforms like #Facebook, #LinkedIn, #Blogger. In short in this time you need to provide more information about your business, taking advantage of the availability of time to all your potential clients after this covid19 crisis.

Also at the same time as a decision-maker one can dedicatedly work on How Can We Implement Technology to Improve your existing Process, System, Standardisation that will save you further cost post-crisis. One can also choose to make SWOT Analysis of personal life and Business organization as well. Remember sad but true unless you face real crisis one will not learn Crisis management, this subject is more of experience rather than theory.

Last but not least, Change is the only constant thing we all know this famous quote but do you know ADAPTATION IS NEXT IMPORTANT THING AFTER THE CHANGE IS BEING INTRODUCED. When it comes to running a business one needs to adopt new ways of doing business as many businesses around the globe adopted Work from Home Culture, meetings through Video Conferencing, Online communication. Where some businesses survived and few got affected, but don't worry it is not an end adopt a new process, standardization and business technologies after the crisis.
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