Webportal is a type of digital experience where participants do share their thoughts, be social, share work, and support online purposes of like minded class. There are many famous examples of web portals like facebook, linkedin, dribbble, upwork etc where every portal has their own Purpose and user class to fulfill their desired goals.

Portals are basically made by the organisations as per their area of requirement to avoid physical footfall of large number of population. Sector Wise examples of portals includes as follows :

  • Government Portals
  • Education Portals
  • University Portals
  • Workplace Portals
  • Vendors Portals
  • Job Portals

Portals are really transforming Customer experience taking special care of their client personal service needs where the best example of webportal use is Customer Care/ Feedback Management which is now so common that for every single query or activity customers do search web addresses. Another cause of the portal is the uniting customers to get personalized access to improve revenue targets & after sales service as well.

Portals also help to enhance customer-company relations as it helps in improving their further relations by providing ease of togetherness after making transactions which also help to build trust.